WordPress 3.5.1 XML-RPC Problem

On March 23, 2013, in WordPress, by LuCuS

WordPressNot too long ago, I updated WordPress to version 3.5.1. I haven’t thought about it until recently. But, since the upgrade, I haven’t been getting comment alerts on my cellphone using the WordPress for Android app. Considering how many comments this site gets every day, you would have thought that I would have realized it before now. But, I guess I’ve just been busy with other things. So, for that, I want to first apologize to all of you that have submitted comments that haven’t been posted or replied to yet. I’m still trying to wade through all of the comments and weed out all of the junk. So, please be patient. Anyways, back to the problem with WordPress for Android not alerting me of comments.

In WordPress 3.5, the decision was made to auto enable XML-RPC by default. XML-RPC is what allows other apps such as WordPress for Android to access a WordPress site. For some reason, even though XML-RPC is enabled by default, WordPress for Android still had a problem polling the server for things that needed approval. Normally, I would dive into the code to see what the problem is and fix it myself. However, this time I decided to first see if other WordPress users were experiencing the same problem, and they were.

The one solution that I found that actually worked was to download and install the “Control XML-RPC publishing” plugin which you can download from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/control-xml-rpc-publishing/. After you activate the plugin, log into your WordPress admin console and go to Settings > Writing. There you will see a checkbox just like the old days (before 3.5) that allows you to turn on and off XML-RPC. By default, XML-RPC is disabled once you install the plugin. So, you’ll need to make sure you enable it and save your changes. Once it was installed and I checked the box to re-enable XML-RPC, WordPress for Android started working again and I’m once again getting alerts on my cellphone. I hope that this helps any of you that might be experiencing similar issues with WordPress 3.5.

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