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Red LEDAre you a fan of first-person-shooter (FPS) games? I am! In fact, I can’t seem to get enough of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3, & 4 on the Xbox 360. I have even started getting into Call of Duty – Ghosts. However, when playing the new Call of Duty – Ghosts game, it feels like there is a longer delay between the time I press the button to look down my sights and when the gun actually gets up into view for me to see down the sights. It feels like this delay is longer in Ghosts than in the Modern Warfare games. Before you say it, I already know there is a perk that makes this faster, but I would rather use some of the other perks in the loadout than to waste a perk on this one. So, to help compensate for the delay, I came up with a neat little “hack” that gives me a permanent red dot sight, even when my gun isn’t equipped with one. Plus, the “hack” I am about to show you even comes in handy with hip-fire shots. But, the best part about this so-called “hack” is that it can be used with any first-person-shooter game no matter what console (or computer) it is on.

Unlike “hacks” that take place in the actual games, this hack is something that can be done in the real-world and can be done by anyone. Since pretty much every first-person-shooter game in existence today always aims in the very center of the screen, I decided to put together a small device that sits in the center of my TV at all times while playing my games. To do that, I took a red LED, attached it to a typical watch battery using a small wire, and taped the LED to the center of my TV. By doing this, I now have a red dot sight for every FPS game I play. Plus, since the LED is always there and always turned on, I don’t have to worry about equipping my guns with sights or crosshairs of any kind. Instead, I can load the hip-fire perk to my loadout in COD Ghosts and pretty much run around blasting people without ever having to aim. Whenever someone passes in front of the LED, I pull the trigger and shoot them.

Now, I know that most people would call this cheating. But, as I get older I have noticed that my eyesight keeps getting worse. Since I still enjoy playing video games, I feel like I need any extra help I can get to keep up with the rockstar gamers that are out there today. Otherwise they would just kick my butt (which they normally do anyways) and the game wouldn’t be as fun. Besides, this cool little gadget works with all of my FPS games whether I’m playing single player campaigns or online multiplayer games. It also works whether I’m using an assault rifle, sniper rifle, or pistol. In fact, it works with every gun in every game.

To make your own permanent red dot sight, head over to Amazon and pick up a pack of 5mm LEDs which you can get for about $3.77 for a pack of 30 (resistors included). You can use other colors if you want, but the red is easier to see no matter what game you are playing or what map you are playing on. The 30 pack of resistors is nice to have because once your friends see this, they’ll want one too. So, since you have the extra parts, you can make them one and sell it to them for $1.00 or $2.00 to get your initial investment back. 🙂 If you don’t want to spend the $3.77 or don’t have the need for a 30 pack, you can also pick up single LEDs for $0.35 at Just keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase a resistor separately too if you want your battery and LED to last longer.

Red LEDs

Next, you will need to get some male-to-female jumper wires which you can get from Amazon for $4.98 for a 50 pack (7.9 inches long). You can also get a 10 pack from (12 inches long) for $4.50. Even though the Sparkfun wires are almost twice as long as the wires from Amazon and slightly cheaper, you get way more wires from Amazon than you do from Sparkfun. Plus, the price difference isn’t really worth worrying about. Depending on the size of your TV, you might need to daisy-chain a few wires together to reach the center of your TV. So, having more wires will come in handy at that point.

Male-to-Female Jumper Wires

The last thing you are going to need to make all of this is happen is a coin cell battery (aka watch battery) which you can pick up from Amazon for $1.23. Whereas the battery from Amazon is from Energizer, you can find an off-brand battery at for $1.95.

Coin Cell Watch Battery

Now that you have all the parts you need, plug the ends of the LED into the female ends of 2 of the jumper wires. Next, touch the male ends of the jumper wires to both sides of the battery (one wire on each side) until the LED lights up. Once you see the LED light up, make a note of which wire was touching the positive side (top side) of the battery. Here you will need to connect the resistor between the jumper wire and the battery if you have a resistor. If you don’t have a resistor, don’t worry. It isn’t powerful enough to harm anything. However, some of the cheaper LEDs will eventually burn out over time if you do not include the resistor. If this happens, it’s nice to have the extra LEDs that you can swap out when the time arises.

To keep the battery (and resistor) in place, you can use tape. However, since I am constantly attaching the device to my TV and taking it back down again, I have noticed that the tape holding the wires to the battery gets worn out and the wires eventually begin to lose contact with the battery. For that, I took a case from an SD card and closed it around the battery and wires, holding the wires in place no matter how often I toss this device around.

After you have connected everything together it’s time to attach it to your TV. To do this, I would recommend finding a small, clear suction cup that can be modified to hold the LED in its center. If you do not have a suction cup or do not want to use one, you can always use standard scotch tape. Just make sure that it is clear so that it doesn’t block your vision. Before you attach the LED to your TV, hold the LED bulb with one hand and the metal prongs with the other. Slowly bend the LED downward until it is perpendicular (90 degrees) to the prongs. This way, when you attach the LED to the TV the wires and metal prongs will be flush with the TV but the LED will be pointing outward making it easier to see (and more closely resembling an actual red dot sight).

To correctly position the LED on your TV, turn on whatever game you plan on using the LED with and startup a single player game such as a Local Match in COD Ghosts. Once you are in the game, select a weapon that includes crosshairs such as a sniper rifle. Press and hold the aim button so that the crosshairs are visible in the center of your screen. Where the crosshairs intersect is where you will want to tape your LED. You can either let the battery dangle below your TV or you can tape it to the TV as well. You can also lay it on whatever the TV is sitting on if the wires are long enough. If the LED begins to burn out or the battery begins to die while you are playing, you will still have the wires pointing to the center of your TV which will also help you know where your gun is pointing at all times. After you have your LED in place, you can quit your single player game and join a multiplayer game where you will have your LED ready for some perfect aiming.

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