Fuck You Delta and the Flight You Were Delayed On

On October 18, 2012, in Travel, by LuCuS

Fuck you Delta!I know it hasn’t been long since my last rant. But, I have something I need to say and I need to say it now. By reading the title I chose for this article, you should know exactly where I plan on going with this article. Every week, I have to fly somewhere for my job. Every time I fly with Delta, I get screwed! It seems like every time I try flying with Delta, they have something happen that always causes flights to be delayed and / or cancelled. When there is bad weather, I can understand that flights can be delayed and when one flight gets delayed, the rest behind it do too. But, when there’s no bad weather or some major catastrophe somewhere in the world, there is absolutely no reason to have delayed flights. If there is still a reason to have a delayed flight, you should damn well make sure when the flight arrives that you have seats for everyone that paid for a seat.

I am sitting at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas right now and am getting the Delta shaft yet again. When I arrived, I checked in and was given a first-class seat assignment for my flight from Austin to Atlanta and a standard economy seat for my connecting flight from Atlanta to Chattanooga. However, I got a notification that my flight will be delayed and that I should see the desk attendant for seat changes. When I went to the desk attendant, I first had to stand in line for 30 minutes before the attendant would even talk to me. Every time I attempted to talk with her, she told me she was busy and would be with me shortly. Then, she picked up the microphone and announced that the flight is delayed and that it is oversold by 7 seats. When she finally decided to talk to me, she told me that my seat had been forfeited and that she would be calling everyone up again for new seat assignments. Umm?? What the fuck?!? Every other airline allows me to choose my seat assignment when booking the flight. Delta sometimes allows me to do the same, but every time I do, they wait until I get to the gate and change my seat for me. Now they have told me that they’ll put me on the standby list for first-class, but that I will most likely not get it.

If this was the first time this has happened to me, I would chalk it up to a bad experience and move on. Unfortunately, every flight with Delta is a “bad experience“!!!! Even though I occasionally run into a semi-decent Delta employee, about 80% of them are complete assholes. They are inconsiderate and don’t give a damn about me (or you). Besides getting a better plan for assigning seats and making sure flights are on time, Delta seriously needs to provide training for their employees on customer relations.

I have been flying with Delta recently because they are the only airline that “claims” to have flights that can get me from Chattanooga to Austin within the timeframes I require for my job. If there were any other options, believe me, I would pay extra to fly with someone else and to never deal with Delta again. Since I’ve been doing a lot of flying with Delta lately, my skymiles points have been adding up. I am only a Gold member, but that should at least count for something which it does not. It doesn’t matter how many points I get, they will never be worth the bullshit I have to put up with when flying with Delta. Having “status” doesn’t mean shit. All status means is that you were dumb enough to repeatedly give your money to Delta.

Oh, did I mention that not only has my flight been delayed for absolutely no reason at all, but Delta also took it upon themselves to change my second flight to a flight 5 hours later than the one I booked for my connecting flight? The drive from Atlanta to my house can be made in about an hour and a half. When told my second flight had been changed (“for my convenience” WTF ever!!!!), I asked if I could simply cancel the second flight and I would get a rental car and just make the drive. I was told “unfortunately, no. Even if I do that, you will still need to be in Chattanooga at 9:30 tonight to collect your luggage.” I asked to have my luggage changed so that I could pick it up in Atlanta. Again, I was told “that is impossible, sir. Your luggage has already gone through the scanners which means it will still be delivered to Chattanooga at 9:30 tonight.”

Anyways, those of you that have experienced similar situations, please share your story with us in the comments below. Also, if any of you know of any boycotts going on in regards to Delta, please let me know as well. I would definitely attend anything that is anti-Delta. They don’t give a damn about anyone. All they care about is your money. And, in case you don’t fly enough to realize it, Delta continuously goes up on their prices, but the service never changes. So, in conclusion, I just have one thing to say …. “FUCK YOU DELTA!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!”

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