Sig Sauer LogoLast week, I began a series of articles where I will be discussing some of the guns in my collection. In the first article of the series, I introduced you to my Colt M4 Carbine. Today, I want to introduce you to my Sig Sauer M400. The Colt M4 is one of my favorite rifles and the Sig is right there with it. Like the Colt M4, the Sig Sauer M400 is an American made rifle that provides a lot of power at a reasonably low price. Also like the Colt M4, the Sig Sauer M400 is a direct impingement gas operated system that also fires .223 caliber bullets. At first glance, the Sig Sauer M400 looks almost identical to the Colt M4. Both guns weigh about the same and both have the same length barrel.

Since I took the time and spent the money to add a lot of attachments to my Colt M4, I felt like I should do the same for the Sig. Like the Colt M4, I added the same AIM Sports Solid Metal Carbine Length Weaver / Picatinny Quad Rail Handguard System to the Sig. This handguard provided me with the same look as the Colt and also like the Colt, provided me with the opportunity for other attachments including the same NcStar Precision Grade Bipod and UTG Deluxe Ergonomic Foregrip like I added to my Colt. With these attachments, my Colt and Sig look almost identical, but there are a couple of distinguishable differences in their appearance and performance.

As for the performance of the Sig, it operates just as well as the Colt. However, I think the Colt’s barrel cools a lot quicker than the Sig. That might not be true, but it has appeared to be that way while I’ve been shooting. Since both guns are capable of shooting .223 / 5.56 bullets, I get to shoot the same ammunition through both guns which gives me an equal comparison of the two guns. Both guns fit the M16 style magazines and like the Colt, the Sig also came with a 30 round magazine. The magazines that came with the Colt are entirely plastic. The magazine that came with the Sig is aluminum. So, I’m not sure how either guns’ magazines will hold up in different types of weather and environments. If treated poorly, I’m sure the aluminum magazine will rust and dent easily whereas the plastic magazines will crack and break. But, I take care of all my guns and don’t plan on putting the magazines through the elements.

Whereas the Colt came with a flip-up rear-sight, the Sig came with a standard grip handle with rear-sight mounted on top of it. When I first began adding optics to my Sig, I originally removed the handle but quickly added it back because the front-sight on the Sig appears to be slightly taller than the front-sight on the Colt. Plus, I like having the ability to carry the Sig using this handle if I ever Red Dot Sightneed to. Since I already added a scope to my Colt for long range shooting, I decided to go with something a little different for the Sig. To make the Sig a little more close-combat friendly, I decided to add the AIM Sports Red Dot Sight which I picked up from Amazon for about $35.00. The AIM red dot allows for 4 different reticles: dot, star, cross, and bullseye. Since the front sight on the Sig sits a little higher than the one on my Colt, I also had to add a NcStar 5″ See Through Handle Mount which mounted directly to the already existing handle grip and elevated my red dot sight just high enough that the front-sight isn’t in the way. The red dot is powered by a standard 3.3 volt watch battery, which is great for when you are shooting, but I would highly recommend that you remove the battery when you’re not shooting as it will drain the battery pretty quick.

Since the Sig Sauer M400 and the Colt M4 are almost identical, I don’t have much to say about the Sig that I haven’t already said about the Colt. Both guns are extremely fun to shoot and both are really well priced. But, with the addition of the red dot sight on the Sig, I kinda like shooting it just a little more than I do my Colt. Basically, you can turn on the red dot and anything that gets in front of it will get shot. It didn’t take long to sight in the red dot for about a 20 yard range and it seems to also be fairly accurate up to about 50 yards. So, whereas the long range scope on my Colt requires constant adjusting, the Sig is pretty much always in a ready-to-fire state.

In the picture below, you will also notice that I’ve already attached the single-point sling to my Sig. I still have to do that with the Colt. I planned on doing that this weekend, but never got around to doing it. Even though the Sig includes a sling and already installed front and rear sling mounts, I still decided to add the single point sling as I find it easier to maneuver the weapon. If I ever decided to use this gun for hunting, I think the single point sling would put the gun in an easier to manage state.

Just like the Colt, the Sig is a very nice firearm and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a self defense weapon or a nice rifle for sport shooting. Priced at around $1200, the Sig Sauer M400 is well worth the money and is a lot of fun to shoot. Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say about the Sig. If you would like to know anything more about this gun, you should first checkout my article about the Colt M4 as these two guns are very similar. Until next time, safe and happy shooting!

Sig Sauer M400 5.56x45mm NATO Tactical Rifle

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