Colt M4 Carbine .223 / 5.56MM Review

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Colt Firearm LogoA few days ago, I wrote an article sharing my opinion about gun control and the second amendment. In that article, I mentioned that I would share with you some of the guns I have in my collection. It’s only been a few days, but I have already received several emails from people asking what I have. So today, I will begin my series of articles where I show you some of the guns I have in my collection and will try my best to review everything about them, including the accessories I have for each one. To get this series started, I will begin by showing off one of the newest members of my collection, the Colt M4 Carbine.

The Colt M4 is an American made assault rifle used by the United States Armed Forces and many others around the world. Weighing in at just over 6lbs, the M4 is lightweight and extremely reliable. It has an effective range of around 650 yards, but I’ve only had the chance to shoot it up to a couple hundred yards. The M4 shoots a 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington) round which packs a lot of punch. It is designed to mame, but not kill. However, just like any other bullet, the .223 round is quite capable of killing pretty much anything in its path. Using a higher grain bullet with a relatively good placed shot, you can definitely take down a decent size dear with this gun and bullet.

Most people aren’t aware of it, but Colt holds the rights to the name “M4” and have produced a great weapon to tag with the name. The M4 includes a direct gas system that produces a firing rate between 700 and 950 RPM. Out of the box, it includes a flip-up rear sight that can be adjusted for windage and elevation. Being that the M4 has a fairly long range capability and that my eye sight isn’t the best atAim Sports 2.5-10X40 Dual III. Scope with Green Laser those long ranges, I decided to fold down my adjustable rear-sight and attach the Aim Sports 2.5-10×40 Dual Illuminated Scope with green laser. Though this scope isn’t the best scope I’ve ever used, it definitely enhances the capabilities of the Colt M4. The cross-hairs can be illuminated in red or green color and at different brightnesses, adjustable depending on the environment you’re in. It includes a quick release mechanism that is nice to have whenever I want to dump it in favor of the attached rear-sight flip-up. However, due to the quick release mechanism, the scope can quickly lose its zeroing at long ranges after repedative firing. So, I would recommend you keep the included allen-wrench with you if you plan on doing a lot of shooting with this scope.

The scope also includes a green-dot laser mounted on the left side that can be seen in pretty much any environment. When sighting in this scope, I originally tried using the included green laser, but quickly learned that the laser is relatively off-centered from the scope. At that point, I reverted to using a bore-sight laser that I picked up at Amazon for about $10. Priced at around $120 on Amazon, I think that the Aim Sports 2.5-10×40 Dual Illuminated Scope with green laser is a great attachment for improving the long range capabilities of my M4.

When I first got my Colt M4, it included a forward pistol grip that attaches to the existing forward handguard using a single screw and plate. Unfortunately, the screw was missing from the box. Since I Quad Rail Handguardplanned on adding a few other accessories anyways, I didn’t mind much. For about $30, I got the AIM Sports Solid Metal Carbine Length Weaver / Picatinny Quad Rail Handguard System from Amazon. Not only does the quad rail handguard make the M4 look even tougher, it also provides open vents that allow the barrel to cool a lot quicker than with the factory handguard. Plus, whereas the factory handguard is made of plastic, the new solid metal quad rail handguard will last a lot longer and provides me the ability to mount other accessories which I did.

Later on I will be adding a few more accessories such as a tactical flashlight and maybe a grenade launcher :-), but for now, I have only mounted the NcStar Precision Grade Bipod which I got from Amazon for about $35. This bipod comes with 3 adapters, making it capable of fitting just about any style rifle. It has adjustable legs and is spring loaded which makes it extremely easy to deploy. The bipod is fairly lightweight, but does add a little bit of weight to the front of your rifle and is mostly noticeable when Bipodshooting from a standing position. Whenever you’re actually using the bipod for stability, you obviously can’t tell the difference in the weight. Along with the scope mentioned above, my long range accuracy is greatly improved when using this bipod stand from a prone or seated position and even from a standing position where I have something to rest the bipod on.

Pistol GripSince I didn’t have a replacement screw to mount the original pistol grip, I decided to go ahead and purchase a new grip that was designed to fit my quad rail handguard. Even though there are plenty of foregrips out there to choose from (such as grips that are collapsible and / or include side-mounted flashlights and lasers), I decided to go with a basic fixed-grip that I got from Amazon for less than $10. It’s called the “UTG Deluxe Ergonomic Foregrip“. I figured since my magazine was always going to be hanging down anyways and I already had the bipod mounted toward the front of the rifle, there was no reason to go with a collapsible pistol grip. The UTG Deluxe Ergonomic Foregrip feels really good in my hand, improving my accuracy by lowering fatigue when holding the gun in the firing position. The grip includes a hidden canister that could be used for storing something like matches, string, or other small objects that could be helpful in the field.

That’s pretty much it for the accessories I have added to my Colt M4 so far. However, I do have a single-point bungee sling I got from Amazon for ~$20 to add to it. I’ve already mounted this sling on my Sig Sauer which I’ll explain in another article. Before I can add this sling to my Colt M4, I have to remove the castle nut which I’ve tried and tried to remove on my own, but can’t seem to get it loose. And before you start asking, yes I am using an AR stock wrench which fits my M4 perfectly. I’ve even tried spraying it with WD-40, but to no avail. I hope to have it worked out and installed in the next couple of days or I’ll be taking it to a gunsmith.

Below you can see a picture of my Colt M4 as it is today. I believe the gun looks pretty cool and I can honestly say that this gun is a lot of fun to shoot. Whether in close-quarter situations such as during a home invasion (which I hope I’ll never have to experience) or at the range, the collapsible stock and forward pistol grip make this gun extremely comfortable to maneuver and shoot. The scope provides me with long range capabilities, but can be quickly removed if it becomes a problem, leaving me with the flip-up rear-sight that work just fine by itself. Having gas impingement provides this gun with a faster firing rate which is also nice. The M4 also came with a couple of 30 round magazines which means I won’t have to reload as often.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this weapon, making it one of the guns I shoot most from my collection. After I’ve added some more accessories to it, I’ll come back and add more pictures. Until next time, be safe and happy shooting!

Colt M4 Carbine

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