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PHP is a server-side programming language, used for creating dynamic web applications. It was released in the year 1994. In the present world enormous numbers of websites are developed on PHP. PHP is usually written inside an HTML page, but with *.php extension.

Ruby was invented one year before PHP, i.e. in the year 1993, but it was officially launched in the year 2005. The main target behind this invention was to create a new language which is stronger than Perl and based on Object Oriented Programming even more than Python. But Ruby is not currently a standalone language; it is tied with Rail Framework.

In reality there is not any clear comparison between PHP and Ruby, as they are extremely useful in their own way with their own environment.

PHP is also a standalone Language, where Ruby relies with Rail Framework to perform. But in case of PHP with added Framework like CakePHP, brings them in a fair soil of comparison. In this scenario we can compare between these two languages.

In Terms of Performance
In term of the processing speed PHP is faster than Ruby. It is said that three lines of Ruby code runs slower than ten lines of PHP code. But in other point of view speed does not always give a complete overview of a language. Ruby can perform similar job with fewer code than PHP, and that means less chances of bugs.

In Terms of OOP
Ruby is totally object oriented language. In this programming environment developers can implement more powerful object oriented application. PHP also supports Object Oriented Programming concept, but it is not solely dependent on that. That means developers can use PHP to write their server-side scripting without implementing the object-class concept.

In Term of Data Structure
In every data structure sequential data storage is extremely crucial. In these two languages there is a very significant difference in case implementing Arrays. In Ruby every Array starts from 0 Index. But is PHP there are no hard-bound rules for it. In PHP Array index can be anything. An Array can also hold only two data with index [2] & [4]. And is can be retrieved by simple for each loop. But is Ruby Array must start with [0] and continues up to highest index?

Server Support
The main advantage of PHP is its server support. PHP application can be hosted in any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) server. Developers can also host their testing application in their local host. But Ruby application needs Rail Framework for processing Ruby Code. And it is not that cheaper like PHP. Ruby claims that every cPanel Hosting can host Ruby, but in reality very few cPanel Hosting server support Ruby and equipped with Rail 3.x.

Every language has its own specialty. Practically they differ from each other in various aspects. They may also share remarkably similar concepts. PHP and Ruby both are extremely powerful programming language for developing server-side programs or applications. They have many similarities, and also much variation. But in a practical scenario they both are immensely useful in their own aspects. PHP can be more useful than Ruby in any special situation and on the other hand Ruby may overpower PHP in its own domain.

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