How to create your own freaking awesome programming languageI have something to share with you that you are going to love! Have you ever wondered what it would take to create your own programming language? Most people that have asked that question have usually given up on the idea of creating their own programming language because they believe it’s going to be way too hard or involve way too much programming. But, believe it or not, it’s actually really simple to do thanks to a great programmer named Marc-Andre Cournoyer. Marc-Andre has put together an amazing ebook for anyone that wants to create their own programming language or for anyone that wants to better understand how programming languages work. Unlike most of the stuff on my website, this ebook is not free. However, it is DEFINITELY worth the $17.95.

The ebook walks you through everything you need to know about creating your own programming language. It covers everything from creating parsers to interpreters. Heck, it even shows you how to build your own compiler. All of the example code in the ebook is written in Python, making it extremely easy to follow along. Since this is a digital download, it also includes all of the source code from the ebook including the new programming language you will create through each step of the book which Marc-Andre calls the “Awesome” programming language. Awesome is a mix of Ruby syntax and Python’s indentation.

So, if you’re interested in creating your own programming language, want a better understanding of programming languages, or just want a nice little read, you should seriously buy a copy of this ebook. The download includes the ebook in the following formats: epub, mobi, pdf. By the way, this ebook is what inspired Jeremy Ashkenas to create CoffeeScript. Pickup your copy of “How to Create Your Own Freaking Awesome Programming Language” ebook now!!!

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