Blackberry LogoIt’s been a while since I worked on any apps for the Blackberry. The last time I did, I had to pay $20.00 USD for the API keys to sign my applications. I thought that was a great price considering the first app I ever wrote for the Blackberry cost me $100.00 USD for the API keys. Well, apparently the Blackberry development community has come along way. You can now get your Blackberry API signing keys for FREE! I’m sure this might not be news to many of you. But, it is definitely worth noting on here anyways as I get a lot of emails from readers asking for direction on writing apps for the Blackberry. I’ve recently been pulled in on a new application for the Blackberry. When I get a little further into it, I’ll come back here and write a tutorial outlining what’s involved with creating applications for the Blackberry. But, until then, you can always Google for other articles to help get you started. You can also get your FREE Blackberry API signing keys from

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