Code Project LogoFrom time to time I like to find an existing project on the web and try my best to either improve the app or to make a better version of my own. I’ve even hosted contests in the past for developers to do the same. During those competitions, I’m almost always asked where do I find applications that are worth checking out.

Well, for the most part I like to find projects at Although there are other good sites like, I can almost always find complete projects over at that are worth checking out. Even when I don’t find better ways of doing what it is those apps do, I still manage to learn something new.

Luckily, has an entire page filled with all kinds of amazing projects to mess with. The list includes everything from artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, neural networks, cryptography & encryption, image processing, and the list keeps going. One of the coolest things about this list is that every project on the page is written in C#. So, this makes finding projects to research a lot easier than the whole “guess and Google” process.

So, if you’re interested in finding some awesome projects to research, be sure to checkout the Algorithms & Recipes page at (

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