Why do I do?

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Good Job!I started this blog just over a year ago. Since then, I have received hundreds of emails, each of which have always contained the same stuff. The emails usually start out with something like the sender had a project they were working on and my site had the final answer they needed; the so called final piece of the puzzle. Whether the reader was finishing up a senior project in college, kick starting their new career, helping them keep their current job, or just assisting with a weekend project, each sender ended their email with the question asking why is it I do what I do? To be more specific, why do I provide all of the source code and examples I do on this site, yet I ask for nothing in return? Well, even though I’ve always personally replied to each of those emails, I’m now going to answer the question in this article for anyone else wanting the answer.

I have spent the last 23 years learning and perfecting my craft. I have spent numerous days and nights sitting behind the desk, reading websites, reading books, writing code, and asking questions. I have spent my entire life trying to learn more about software and technology in general. Some people enjoy reading, watching movies, or going out with friends. Even though I also enjoy these same things, my number one passion in life is designing software. I like solving problems. I like creating something from nothing. And, I like answering unanswered questions (mostly my own). I believe that technology is the only reason the human species is still in existence and that technology is the only thing that will help us advance and to continue having an existence in the first place. Therefore, I do whatever it takes to learn as much as I can about the field I’m in and to share as much as I can along the journey.

Even though I had to learn my craft the hard way, I only know what I do because someone else figured it out before me or paved the way for me to continue building on that knowledge. So, in return, I’m trying to pass along the same knowledge that I’ve gained over the years by posting articles on this very site. I try my best to answer any and all questions that are submitted either by email or in the comments below. Sure, I know that I could make millions of dollars by designing these same applications for other companies, but so can everyone else. Yes, I’d like to one day make a billion dollars and I know that day will come. But, until then, I enjoy helping the next generation of technology specialists learn this craft a little faster and easier than I did. Technology is a cut throat industry and that alone makes learning anything new almost impossible. Whether it’s one guy learning something new and keeping it all to himself or some worthless patent troll suing companies out of existence in order to fatten their own wallets, these days it’s almost impossible to do anything innovative.

With all of the readers I have, I hope to one day read where one of those readers created the next Facebook or Google. I hope to one day wake up to an email where one of my readers created the next stage of artificial intelligence. I hope to read about one of my readers creating a new system that can detect diseases sooner, predict the next natural disaster, or invent a system that can help those with disabilities. In fact, I already have several readers that are working on these very things. For example, I have a few readers that are working on applications that assist the blind and other disables with using computers. I have readers that are working on computer vision applications that can detect and process sign language so that the computer can interpret it into spoken languages. I have readers that are working on applications that can bridge the communication barrier between different cultures by developing applications that involve speech recognition and text-to-speech. I have readers that are working on applications that can sift thru patient data and detect patterns of genetic diseases and other health risks. I even have readers that are working on creating self-driving cars and other navigation systems.

People like the ones mentioned above are the reasons I do what I do. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll depend on a system that was developed by one of my readers. Knowing that there might have been a possibility that I somehow assisted with the creation of those systems is more than enough reason to provide source code & examples and to answer every question I can. I just hope that the information I share on this website will continue helping others make money as well which will hopefully in turn help the next batch of technologists and possibly build empires of their own. The only things I ask in return are that you continue the hard work, continue inventing new & exciting technologies, and continue sharing your success stories with the rest of us. It is you that will invent tomorrow!

Thank you for your interest in my site. If you find the information provided on this site useful, please consider making a donation to help continue development!

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  1. thedonflo says:

    I’m sure a lot of your other subscribers agree with me when I say I truly appreciate everything you have posted on here and replying to emails.

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