Really Windstream? YOU SUCK!!!!

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FUCK YOU WINDSTREAM!!!If you are new to this website, I want to start by telling you welcome to my site. Next, I want to tell you that I FUCKING HATE WINDSTREAM COMMUNICATIONS!!!! I have written about Windstream here, here, and here. If you haven’t read those articles, I would advise you to do so. That way you will know only a small portion of my hatred for Windshit Communications. Then, come back here to continue reading and you will understand why I am posting this article.

Today, I was working when my internet connection dropped completely. Having dealt with this crap for over 3 years now, it was nothing new. All I could do was bend over and take it from Windstream like always. Typically when my internet connection drops completely, it will come back on in an hour or so. When it does come back on, it’s still pretty much too slow to do anything useful. When my internet connection finally came back on, I was greeted by a Windstream Internet Service Setup screen (see below). I thought this was a bit strange seeing as how I already have an internet account (with the worst internet provider on the planet). So, why was I seeing this screen? Had I been hacked? After doing a bit of digging around, I determined that this message was in fact coming from Windstream.

There have been plenty of times in the past where my DSL modem (and I’ve had several modems from Windstream) would crap out and ask for my credentials to log me back onto the internet. However, that was always a screen that came from the Speedstream DSL modem and not directly from Windstream. But, I decided to go ahead and re-enter my information again, hoping that this was not some phishing scam. If it was a phishing scam, I pitty whoever the dumbass is that went thru the trouble of getting credentials for the shitty internet provider, Windstream.

Anyways, half way thru the re-registration process, a file automatically began downloading to my computer. The filename was “windstream_pro_spd.exe” which is supposedly their “Windstream Service Agent”. I have my browser set to download files, but to never run them. I want to run downloaded files manually. Hell, I also only want to download files manually, but apparently Windstream disagrees. So, they decided to push a new file to my computer anyways. After doing a few searches online, I came across a page that includes the following:

What is Windstream Service Agent?

Published 03/09/2011 09:34 AM   |    Updated 08/18/2011 03:28 PM

Windstream’s Service Agent is a free service we offer our high-speed Internet customers. Once this desktop client is downloaded on your computer, you’ll get 24/7 real-time access to manage your account and the ability to purchase Windstream services right from your computer.

Below are some of the services you can purchase:

— Online Data Backup
— Tech Help
— McAfee Security Suite
— Windstream’s Internet Explorer Toolbar
— Kidzui Browser
— Credit Guard ID Protection
— PC Protection Plan

Apparently, Windstream feels like they are permitted to push files onto your computer just for being their customer. I was on a computer issued to me by my employer when all of this mess happened. I don’t want Windstream installing stuff on my personal computer and I sure as hell don’t want them installing stuff on my work computer. This whole thing is just another way for Windshit to get more money out of their customers. I think this is wrong and should be banned from happening again. I also feel that Windstream should reimburse me for the money I have paid them for the service I haven’t received, for other online services I have paid for but couldn’t receive due to my unreliable internet service provider, and for contractual work I have had to turn down in the past because I didn’t have a reliable enough internet connection to fulfill the work being asked of me.

I have contacted Windstream several times in the past about the problems I have had with them and every time they want to blame me, the customer, for their shitty service. In January of 2013, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. As expected, Windstream waited as long as they could to reply to my complaint. The response I got from Windstream stated that they are aware of service issues in my area and are working “diligently” to resolve these issues by installing new equipment and system upgrades. These issues have been going on for the 3+ years I have had service with Windstream and after reading what others on the web have to say, I’m not the only person suffering from the shitty service Windstream claims to be their “reliable highspeed internet service”.

Windstream, you are the worst fucking company on the planet and I can’t wait until another service provider comes into my neighborhood and / or you go bankrupt!!!! FUCK YOU WINDSTREAM!!!!

Windstream Internet Service Registration

windstream_pro_spd.exe Details

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