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On May 19, 2012, in Misc, by LuCuS

Computer Vision - OpenCV Eye TrackerAs I’ve mentioned before, my posts about computer vision are the most viewed articles on this site. Not a day goes by that I don’t receive 20+ emails asking for more information about computer vision. Even though the majority of the computer vision articles on this site discuss OpenCV only, there are all kinds of other frameworks that augment computer vision development. There are also all kinds of other topics under the science of “computer vision” that I don’t discuss on this site. Therefore, I have decided to put together another website that will be completely dedicated to the science of computer vision and all that it has to offer. Currently, I only have articles that I have copied from this site. But, at some point, the new site will be where I post all things computer vision related. The new site does not currently allow for comments or new user registrations. But, that too will soon follow. For now, I just wanted to mention the new site so that everyone will know of its existence and hopefully provide some feedback about it. If you have anything related to computer vision you would like to get posted on the site, feel free to send it to me through the contact page on the site and I’ll see that it gets posted. Once I get the site setup for others to join, you’ll be able to post your own articles, ask questions, and begin discussions. Until then, I would like to introduce to you LearnComputerVision.com (http://www.learncomputervision.com)!

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