Goodbye Netflix!

On October 26, 2011, in Misc, by LuCuS

Goodbye NetflixFor those of you that know me, you know that I’m a huge movie buff. As you can imagine, I was like a little kid in a candy store when I first signed up with Netflix years ago. Every time I opened the mailbox and found that little red envelope waiting on me, it was almost like finding money. When signing up for my Netflix account, I chose the highest plan you could get. I was receiving 3 DVDs at a time and streaming every movie I could squeeze into a single day. But, that’s all behind me now and for good reason.

The first thing that Netflix did to piss me off was when they began delaying new movie releases by 28 days. I understand the reason for this was because apparently Netflix was hurting the movie industry and their profits. So, the movie producers decided to quit providing Netflix with new releases until the initial release month was over. Even though this might have caused movie purchases to bounce back a little, it was still a bad move on Netflix’s part. Although I hated having to wait 28 days before I could get a new release, I eventually found myself comfortable with this.

A little while later, out of pure greed, Netflix decided to jack up their prices. Then they did it again. From the time I joined Netflix until the time I cancelled my account, Netflix had gone up on their price by more than 60%! They gave some bullshit excuse that these price hikes were going to help them get more content for their collection which would in return lead to more selections for their customers. Whatever! Even with the price increases, Netflix was still the better option considering I was spending almost $50 a week at the local Movie Gallery.

The next thing that Netflix did to lose my business was their decline of good movie choices in their streaming service. Although they were constantly adding more titles to the streaming service, the movies were still C-class movies from the 70’s. Those movies were crap back then and they’re still crap today. In the beginning, I liked the fact that I could pull up some movies from my childhood that I haven’t watched in forever. After a while though, that’s all you have to choose from. My fiancee hates watching movies more than once. So, both of us got really annoyed with the fact that Netflix wasn’t introducing anything new to their streaming service. The very few times they did offer something worth watching, it would only be available for a couple of days and then disappear like it never happened.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back came when Netflix thought it would be a good idea to divide their company into 2. One company, named Qwikster, would provide the mail-order DVDs & Blurays while the other company, still named Netflix, would focus only on streaming. As many of you have agreed, this was a terrible idea. And, like the other 800,000 of you that didn’t like this idea, I too have decided to cancel my Netflix account.

After losing almost 1 million customers in total, Netflix finally realized that they haven’t been making the best decisions lately. It didn’t take long for Netflix to ditch the idea of dividing their company. But, the damage has already been done. I have cancelled my Netflix account and will never return. I refuse to do business with a company that is so f***ing clueless. Apparently, they don’t know how to listen to their customers until it’s too late. So, if they don’t care about me, then I don’t care about them. Adios Netflix!

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