Are UFOs Real? Do Aliens Exist?

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UFOI was talking with a friend today, a guy that I have always known to be 100% reliable, about something that I never imagined I would ever be talking about with this guy. During our conversation, he got us on the topic of aliens by claiming that he witnessed a UFO over his house a few nights ago. Normally he’s not the kind of guy to joke around about stuff like that, but I decided to go along with “the joke”. After a few minutes into the discussion, I realized that he wasn’t joking at all. According to my friend, he really did see something hovering above his house. Since he wasn’t sure what it was, by its very definition, it was a “UFO” (to him anyways). Being intrigued not only by his story but also by the rest of our conversation, I decided it would make for a great discussion for this website. Unfortunately, my friend asked that I not mention his name to anyone as he doesn’t want people thinking he’s a “crackpot”. But, he did say that could share his story if I wanted to. So here it is.

Just before midnight on Monday, December 16, 2013, my friend was asleep in bed when he was awaken by his dogs barking outside. Being that the next day was a work day and therefore needing some sleep, he stepped out back to see what had the dogs riled up. When he walked into the backyard, he said that both of his dogs were at the far end of the yard, barking from the corner of the fence. As he approached the dogs, he noticed that both of them were barking towards the sky. He said if his dogs had been barking at something like a cat or another dog, they wouldn’t have been barking upward. They would have been barking straight out at eye level from them. With seeing that, he drew his attention toward the sky thinking that they could have possibly been barking at a raccoon or something in a tree just on the other side of his fence.

As he looked up, he said that he could see some weird lights a few hundred yards from his house and about 500 feet off the ground. Aside from a couple of trees around his property, there are no other obstructions blocking his view. So, whatever it was he witnessed, he had to have had a really good view of it. He said that it was a square shaped object that had lights at each corner and lights positioned along the edges equally between the corner lights. He said they had an orange-ish glow to them and didn’t flash or change colors. Aside from the lights on the bottom & no other visible characteristics, he told me that the object was solid, had a black semi-reflective surface, and did not contain any other lights anywhere else on it. He claimed that the object was about 50×50 feet in size and about 15 feet tall. But, being that the object was a few hundred yards away from him and about 500 feet off the ground, he said that the object could have actually been even larger than that. He said that the object wasn’t making a sound and didn’t move from the same spot for more than a minute. Hoping he could get a picture of it, he ran into the house to grab his cellphone. When he got back outside, he said that it was gone and his dogs had stopped barking.

While he was telling me this, I couldn’t help but to think that he was probably dreaming. However, by the end of the conversation, he had me convinced that there was indeed something strange in the sky near his house. Having known this guy for almost 7 years and knowing that he has never B.S.ed me in the past, I had no choice but to believe him. After he told me about his encounter, he asked if I have ever experienced anything like that. Unfortunately, I have never seen anything like that, but I’d like to. 🙂 I asked if he has told anyone else about it or if he planned on reporting it to anyone. He said that he will not be telling anyone else about it because he’s afraid it will ruin his reputation. Knowing that I wouldn’t judge him either way, he said he had to tell someone about it & thought that I would be interested in hearing his story.

He said that he now knows for a fact that UFOs are real and wished that he had proof of what he saw. He went on to say that if a non-attention seeking guy from a small town like ours’ had the opportunity to witness a UFO, that many of the stories you hear about others witnessing UFOs must be true as well. He said that with the number of so-called sightings that happen around the world every year, the US government has to also have proof that UFOs are real and that aliens exist. That got us both thinking.

If UFOs and aliens really do exist and our government knows about it, why don’t they just come out and say it? If the government really does have proof of extraterrestrial life, it would be better that they come out and admit it now than to wait until something major happens which reveals alien existence to the world. If we are to ever experience an alien invasion or even just a friendly visit, society will be better off and better prepared if we were informed now rather than the second it happens. Otherwise, we will be caught off guard which will lead to panic and chaos, not to mention it will cause people to undermine the government altogether. If the government would just come out and admit now that aliens do exist, we could work along side our government when / if the situation ever arises where they will be needing the help of the masses. Besides, I would rather put my faith in a bunch of gun toting rednecks than a bunch of politicians that lied to me about the existence of aliens when they knew about them all along. And, if an alien invasion were to ever actually happen, I would be one of those rednecks to lock & load and join our military for an interstellar show down. It would just be easier to put my life on the line right there with them if I was informed ahead of time of how things might go down. But, that’s just my $0.02 on the subject.

Feel free to share your UFO & alien stories with us in the comments below. Also, be sure to share your thoughts with us about whether or not you think the government has proof of extraterrestrial life and whether or not you believe they should make a formal announcement now or to just wait until the day comes.

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