Super Vision with Google Glass

On December 11, 2013, in Google, Google Glass, by LuCuS

Ever since receiving my new Google Glass, I’ve been hard at work creating all kinds of new apps for it. Yesterday, I showed you a demo of an app I wrote that allows me to use my Glass to control my home automation system. Late last night, I wrote another app that allows me to use the built-in camera as a way to view stuff from a distance by zooming in on it. It’s just a simple app that takes whatever the camera sees and shows it on the Glass display. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it could really be helpful for a lot of people. Imagine seeing something at a distance, but not having great eye sight. All you would have to do is say, “Ok Glass, focus” and my app will launch. Once it is launched, you can swipe the touchpad to zoom in close enough to better see whatever it is that you’re looking at. Later tonight I’ll be adding the ability to take pictures and record videos using my app. I’ll be using this app as a starting base for building my computer vision apps that will allow me to do things like monitor traffic signs & signals, augmented reality, facial recognition, etc… Until then, here is the video of me demonstrating my super vision app with Google Glass.

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