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On December 12, 2013, in Google, by LuCuS

google_searchWhile working on a project last night, I stumbled across something I thought was pretty cool. In fact, I thought it was so cool that I decided to share it with all of you. Did you know that you can search Google using an image? Yep, whereas most people (myself included) search Google by typing keywords into the search box, you can actually perform searches using images instead. Before learning the neat little trick I’m about to share with you, I used to search for things in images by textually describing what was in the pictures. For example, whenever I am working on websites and need some information about a picture I am using in the page, I would head over to and search for whatever was in the picture. Now, I can perform searches even easier than trying to textually describe what is displayed in the image. I did a little research after stumbling across this and have found that there are actually 4 ways to search by image.

Drag and drop an image
The first way that you can perform Google searches using images is to simply drag any image from your computer into the search box at I found this out by accident when dragging an image from one folder to another, but dragged the image across an open browser that was sitting on the Google Images page. When I did, the following screen appeared in my browser. So, I just dropped the image onto the browser and voila! It performed a search using what was shown in the image.

Search Google with Image - Drag and dropCLICK TO ENLARGE

Upload an image
The next way you can perform Google searches using images is by uploading an image which you can do by clicking the camera icon at This will popup a small window that has 2 tabs. Click the second tab labeled “Upload an image” and click the “Choose File” button. Navigate to the location on your file system that contains the image you want to search with and click “Open”.

Search Google with Image - UploadCLICK TO ENLARGE

Copy and paste an image URL
The third way you can perform Google searches is by copying the HTTP URL for an image on the web and pasting it into the “Paste image URL” textbox on the first tab of the popup window as explained above. To get the URL of an image, open your browser to the page that contains the image. Then, right click on the image and select “Copy Image URL”. Then, paste this URL into the “PasteĀ  image URL” textbox at

Search Google with Image - Paste URLCLICK TO ENLARGE

Right-click an image browser extension
The fourth way you can perform Google searches is by installing the Chrome extension or Firefox extension. Once you have downloaded and installed the extension for your web browser, navigate to the web page that contains the image you want to search with. From there, right click on the image and select “Search Google with this image”.

Search Google with Image - Browser ExtensionCLICK TO ENLARGE

Using the Chrome extension, head over to my “About” page and right-click on the picture of me standing in front of a pyramid in Mexico and select “Search Google with this image”. When you do, you should see something like this:

Search Google with Image - Search ExampleCLICK TO ENLARGE

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