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Easter EggJust minutes after posting my first article about my new Google Glass, I received an email from one of my readers telling me about a supposed Easter Egg hidden within Google Glass. So, armed with his instructions, I checked for myself to see if this Easter Egg existed and it did. Since I found this to be very cool, I went ahead and posted a video of it on YouTube and now I’m going to post the instructions for it here for all of you to checkout when you get your hands on Glass for the first time. Here are the instructions.

First, scroll over to and click on “Settings”.

Google Glass - Settings

From the Settings menu, scroll over to and click on “Device Info”.

Google Glass - Device Info

Once on the Device Info menu, click on “View Licenses”.

Google Glass - View licenses

When you see the screen that says “Notices for file(s):”, tap the touchpad 9 times.

Google Glass - Notices for file(s)

You should now see the phrase “Meet the team”. If so, tap the touchpad one time.

Google Glass - Meet the team

You should now be able to see the Google Glass team. If so, turn your head in any direction to pan around the room to see the entire team. You can also move your head up and down to look around.

Google Glass - Panorama 1

Google Glass - Panorama 2

Google Glass - Panorama 3

Here it is in action.

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