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On December 17, 2013, in General, by LuCuS

A while back, I shared some of my tech related predictions with my colleagues and today I have decided to share those predictions with you. Feel free to add your own predictions in the comments below.

  1. Self-driving cars will out number people-driven cars.
  2. Security / surveillance drones will crowd the skies.
  3. The internet will surpass televisions for how people get their news & information.
  4. More phone calls will be made over the internet than over traditional telephone lines.
  5. Automated / self-serve checkout kiosks will out number cashiers.
  6. Virtual dressing rooms will allow customers to try on clothes & test products from their homes & computers.
  7. Wearable computers will become a part of everyday life. (Examples: Google Glass, Smartwatches, embedded cellphones, etc…)
  8. People will begin turning to 3D printing for everyday objects & replacement parts.
  9. Electronic paper will replace conventional paper such as posters, billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc…
  10. Nano-devices will be able to be implanted into humans to monitor their health & vitals.
  11. Everyday objects such as appliances, automobiles, cellphones, etc… will all become completely integrated.
  12. Cars will begin including docking stations that allow owners to dock their cellphones & tablets for starting & controlling their cars as well as replacing their stereo & navigation systems.
  13. Miniature computers will become embedded in more & more everyday objects including walls, doorways, kitchen counters, cabinets, etc…
  14. Battery life & performance will be greatly increased.
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