Cronus Controller AdapterA while back I wrote an article about a C# wrapper I wrote for the Cronus video game controller adapter. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this adapter, it’s basically a USB dongle that attaches to your Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or computer that allows you to use any USB gaming controller you want, even if the controller isn’t made for the console you are wanting to use it on. For example, this little device will allow you to use your Xbox 360 controller on your PlayStation 4 if you wanted. Another cool thing about this device is that you can automate game play from your computer. Click here to checkout how I automated Guitar Hero from my laptop using this device. If you don’t have a Cronus controller adapter, you can find them on Amazon for around $50.

The wrapper that I shared in the first article was only capable of connecting to your Xbox (or other console if you made the necessary changes) and could send commands to the console. Since posting that article, I have received numerous emails from people asking if I could upgrade the wrapper & example app to also be capable of reading the state of the controller. Well, I’m glad to say that I finally took the time to do that. You can now use my Cronus C# API wrapper to capture the state of each button on the controller. For example, whenever you press the “A” button, your app can now detect that button press and act on it if necessary. In the example app I’m including at the bottom of this article, each button pressed on the controller is indicated on the Windows form. I have also setup the example app to forward all button presses to the console. This will allow you to play your games while the controller is connected to the Cronus all while capturing the button presses in real-time on your computer.

If you haven’t read the first article, you should do that as it explains how to setup the Cronus controller adapter with your console and how to connect it to your computer. Here is what the updated example app looks like:

Cronus API C# Wrapper Version 2

You can download the example app and the updated C# wrapper from (103 KB)

P.S. I take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your console or Cronus controller adapter by using the software provided in this article.

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7 Responses to Cronus Game Controller API Wrapper for C# – Version 2

  1. Ramborichy says:


    The app was fantastic, i used it as a template to create big long scripts for full levels. But now after the update cronusmaxplus i cant seem to get it to work. Is there any chance you can update the api to work with the current version of cronusmax?

    Fantastic work so far


  2. trip says:

    what do i have to change, to run it on PS4 ?
    the links to the documentations on V1 and v2 are not working anymore.
    oncle google cant help me alot too

    thanks for help

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