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On June 29, 2014, in Android, by LuCuS

Be Right Back Android AppHave you ever wanted to send auto-replies for incoming text messages? My latest Android app allows you to do that. With “Be Right Back”, you can create a custom message that will be auto-sent to anyone that sends you an SMS text message.

The app will only send one reply to each incoming number until you have either stopped and restarted the responder or have selected a new message to reply with. This will help keep down your number of outgoing messages and will prevent users from getting in an endless loop where both users have the app running.

All incoming text messages are still delivered to your SMS inbox and you are still notified as usual.

This app is great for sending auto-replies when you are driving, sleeping, working, in a meeting, in class, etc… and don’t have the ability to grab your phone and respond right away.

Check it out at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.prodigy.mobile.android.berightback

* Coming soon
– Time / date fields for scheduled auto-replies.
– Auto-replies for email.

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